A suction cup-
or Velcro?


Aircraft Strut Mounts for GoPro Hero

Wouldn't it be great to share your experience landing at that remote strip, or the night flight over the city, and not have to worry about losing your expensive GoPro Hero camera- or worse?

Now you can- with a secure and strong AeroVideo strut
mount that also isolates vibration. Never worry again!

Our unique mounts let you quickly and securely fasten your HD action camera at virtually any angle and direction. Can be used on either strut and attach securely to both camera and aircraft. They are offered with or without a standard GoPro mount.

For Cessna 150, 152, 172, 182, 205 and 206.
Also fits AirCams and Citabrias.

Up. Down. Left. Right.
Twist. Tilt. Fly. Shoot.

Any direction, any angle.
No tools required.
GoPro aircraft mount GoPro aviation mount
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All systems come with a standard 1/4-20 tripod attach point. GoPro owners can order a mount with Hero tripod mount adapter (as in photos top right) installed. (Does not include camera or housing). Please note: These mounts are designed only for smaller, lighter,"helmet-cam" type cameras such as the GoPro or Drift. They are NOT recommended for your 3 pound DSLR.

We ship anywhere in the world.
U.S. orders are sent Priority Mail.

Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

Camera mounting options:
Aircraft Model
Aircraft model(Other)

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Here are a few more great videos recently made by StrutCam users. Enjoy!

Strut Mounts and systems are made from the finest materials, custom-molded to fit your plane securely while providing high-frequency vibration isolation and finish protection.


For the Nerds-

Polyurethane Elastomer
Tensile Strength ~3,000 psi
Shore D Hardness - 70
Width- approx. 1.1"
Weight - approx 1 lb.

* The lawyers made us do this: "GoPro" and "Hero" are trademarks of Woodman Labs, Inc. Any products, components or items offered by AeroVideo.net are strictly intended for experimental use only at the purchaser's discretion. Installation on certificated aircraft may require a logbook entry by your mechanic and/or local FAA/FSDO approval. No responsibility or liability is assumed, expressed, or implied as to the suitability, accuracy, safety, or approval of any component or installation. Any party using these components does so at their own risk and discretion and without recourse against AeroVideo.net, it's owners or assigns. AeroVideo.net is not responsible for any product misuse, FAA approval, incorrect installation, or unauthorized modifications. By placing an order for any of these products you indicate your acceptance of these terms.