An entirely new GoPro* mount- designed specifically for Robinson helicopters- is now available!

These mounts clamp securely onto the tow ball located underneath all Robinson helicopters.
(Any of the newer GoPros* can be remotely wifi controlled from inside the cockpit.)

Universal Robinson GoPro mount for R-44, R-22 and R-66

They are secured by dual bar knobs -with metal inserts- and safety clips.
Even if both knobs were to become loose in flight, the clips prevent the two
halves from separating enough to release the ball.

Universal Robinson GoPro mount for R-44, R-22 and R-66

The GoPro* adapter is supported on both ends by special vibration absorbers-
so the camera rod is never in direct contact with the mounting block. The result is
video that exhibits little- if any- rolling shutter effect, and needs virtually no post stabilization.

Universal Robinson GoPro mount for R-44, R-22 and R-66

Your GoPro* can be mounted facing many different ways- even straight down!
Vertical video can be useful for route planning, powerline inspection, traffic studies & more.

Robinson GoPro mounting system Robinson GoPro mounting system

All of our mounts are made from a single block of molded
thermoplastic- There are no "printed" parts to fail.

Here is a short, unstabilized clip from
a Hero4* Black mounted on an R-44.

$139.00 with Free shipping (US only).
Order yours today!
(Sorry, GoPro* not included!)

We ship anywhere in the world.

FREE SHIPPING via First Class mail in the U.S.
Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

Made in the USA

Tech Specs

Weight w/o camera: 11oz.
Material: Polyurethane Elastomer
Tensile Strength: ~3,000 PSI

Patent Pending

Read this if you'd like an FAA opinion of portable camera mounts on aircraft.


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